BSCRA Annual Subscriptions
Membership of the Association  is available to anyone who lives or runs a business in the
BSCRA area and who pays an annual subscription fee.  For your subscription, you get access to the Association's Committee members, who are very experienced in handling a wide range of local issues, our e-Bulletin service (delivered by email typically 12-15 times per year) updating you regularly on local issues, our website and, periodically, printed Newsletters dropped through your door.  We also run well attended meetings during the year (typically twice) where we invite guest speakers to present on issues that are relevant to our area. 

The subscription fee is a modest £2 per annum per household and is due from the 1st January for each membership year (not from your date of joining).

For many years this subscription has been collected by your local Road Stewards, knocking on doors, and collecting cash.  With the general reduction in the use of cash, we are now offering alternative electronic methods to pay subscriptions (see below).  We hope this will be easier for members and for our Road Stewards. However, where we have Road Stewards who are available to collect cash payments, this method of payment will continue to be an option.

Methods of paying your BSCRA annual subscription  (from 1st January, 2022)

1. Pay by Credit or Debit Card (Visa or Mastercard)

Click on the "Subscribe" button below and place your "order" for your membership subscription.  Select the number of years subscription that you wish to pay (up to 5) and enter your personal and payment details.

You will be asked to provide an email address.  This will be used to acknowledge your subscription payment.  We will also use this email address to subscribe you to our e-bulletin service so please make sure that the address you enter is the one that you wish to be used to receive our e-Bulletins.

Once you have placed your order, you will see a 'Thank You' page and receive an email confirming your order, please retain this email in case of any future queries.

All information you submit is encrypted by our agent Square. Square complies with all required PCI standards. Your card details are not available to the Association. The Square payment will appear on your transaction statements as being from "SQ *BELMONT & SOUTH CHEAM”


PLEASE NOTE:  Membership of the Association is only available to residents or businesses who live or work within the BSCRA area.  PLEASE DO NOT Subscribe if you are not eligible.

Having difficulty?
Some members have reported received an error message asking you to enter a valid Post Code.  If you receive this message:

1.Remember to enter your postcode again after supplying your credit card details.

2.Try using an alternative device, especially if you are using an older Apple device that is not running he latest version of iOS (currently 15.3).  Older verisons of Apple equipment are not considered secure by our payment system.

2. Pay by Electronic bank transfer to the BSCRA Bank Account
If you use online banking you can pay your subscription by electronic bank transfer (BACS) direct to the BSCRA Bank Account.  This is a particularly easy means of payment if you have an online banking App on your Smartphone/ Tablet.

If you wish to pay by this method, please email our Treasurer at: 
and we will send you our bank account details.

Where subscriptions remain unpaid after three months from the start of the year, your local Road Steward will call to remind you to subscribe as above or may collect your subscription payment in cash.

Not already a Member?
If you are not already a member then please join up by sending an email from the email address that you would like e-Bulletins to be sent to with your postal address to :

This will ensure you receive all the benefits that the Association can provide.

We apologise for not making the above email addresses clickable but we have to protect ourselves from robot scammers!

Privacy Notice: Note that any personal information you provide when you subscribe to BSCRA  will be kept confidential.  It may be made available to members of BSCRA's Executive Committee and selectively to its Road Stewards solely for the purpose of fulfilling BSCRA's objectives, but will not be shared with other Members of BSCRA or with any third party.

Please see
Rule 24 of the Association's constitution  for further information on how we treat Members' personal information. 
The "lawful basis" on which we process your personal information is the legitimate interest of Members who subscribe to BSCRA for the express purpose of receiving information on their local area, and the legitimate interest of BSCRA in tracking the membership status of its Members, and to enable it to distribute relevant documents, including Newsletters, Circulars and Consultation Surveys to Members by the most appropriate means.