Advice and Help

We help our members on a regular basis on a wide range of topics.  Issues can be of any sort, be they to do with transport, street cleaning or other environmental concerns.  

One of the most common topics we are asked to assist with concerns planning and there is a dedicated Planning page in this website that provides you with more information about this.

We also regularly send out advice on keeping yourself safe which we get from the police.  Much of this is standard common sense advice and does not vary from month to month so we have included what we consider to be the most relevant advice on the Keep Safe page.

Please remember that we are a voluntary organisation and we can only suggest ways you can solve your problem or help bring pressure to bear on the relevant authority so that they will respond to your concerns.  We are not resourced to actually fix anything ourselves.

If you would like raise an issue with the Association, please contact Peter Mattey via email (see contact details page on this site).