Keeping in Touch with our members

Our main method of keeping in touch with our members is through our e-Bulletin service. 

Our e-Bulletins carry a lot of local information including what is happening in our area, Council proposals for change and crime information from our local Safer Neighbourhood Teams.  There are typically 12-15 e-Bulletins each year.  In addition there are more targeted "Planning Watch" emails giving details of planning applications etc.  All of these communications are distributed by email.

e-Bulletins are issued too regularly for it to be practical for us to distribute them as paper copies.  However, from time to time we publish paper based newsletters to enable us to keep in touch with members who do not have access to email or new residents who have moved into our area.

Our e-bulletin service is only available to subscribing members of the Association.  If you ask to join to this service and you are not a member, we will add you to our list but will ask you to pay the annual subscription fee (£2) and become a member.

You can pay your subscription either using our online Subscription Payment Service or when your local Road Steward next calls.  If you subsequently decline to pay your annual subscription fee when asked, we will regrettably have to remove you from our e-Bulletin distribution list.

To join the Association and hence our e-Bulletin service, please email Peter Mattey asking to be added to our distribution list.  You MUST also provide your postal address and optionally your phone number. The email address is:

The BSCRA Facebook page allows members to post their own comments on items of general interest.  You do not need to be a member of this group to participate (this may change in the future depending upon usage).

We post items here which we need to get out more quickly than we can edit and publish
e-Bulletins so make sure that you Like our page to be kept up to date with new information.

You can visit our Facebook page here.

BSCRA has sponsored the establishment of a number of road based WhatsApp groups in Belmont & South Cheam.  In addition we have made contact with several existing road groups set up by local residents.

For all of the WhatsApp groups that we know of (there are currently over 30 - see list below), we have nominated contacts that are part of our BSCRA WhatsApp "SuperGroup".  We restrict messages on the SuperGroup to items that are of general interest throughout he BSCRA area.  This enables us to cascade brief each of the road groups very quickly.  Similarly if one of the road group contacts sees something on their own group that has wider significance, then they can post it onto the SuperGroup where it can be relayed onto other groups.  This enables important information to be passed to a wide area quickly but leaves local chit-chat to the respective road group.

The roads that are currently participating in the BSCRA SuperGroup are as shown below. 
 - you live in one of the roads but are not part of the group and would like to be, or
 - you are a member of an existing road group that is not in the list below or
 - you live in our area and would like to start up a new group for your road,

then please get in touch with Peter Mattey at

Current BSCRA WhatsApp Road Groups
Arundel Road (east)
Arundel Road (west)
Avenue Road
Bawtree Close
Belmont Road
Beresford Road
Brighton Road (southern end)
Chiddingstone Close
Cuddington Way
Devon Road
Furzedown Road
Glebe Road
Golf Side
High View
Manor Road
Northey Avenue
Onslow Avenue
Pelton Avenue
Penshurst Way
Riverhead Drive
Sackville Road
Sandy Lane (northern end only)
Scarborough Close
South Drive
The Avenue
The Dene
The Drive (east)
The Drive (west)
Warren Avenue
Wilbury Avenue
Woodbury Drive
Wyndham Close
York Road