Residents' Association Executive Committee 2023 - 2024

As voted into office at the AGM on 17th May 2023

 Chairman Peter Mattey 8643 0635
 Secretary Tony Butler 8642 0782
 Treasurer Paul Arnold 8661 9705
CommitteeLyonel Bell
CommitteeMargaret Bentley 
CommitteeCatherine Clarke
CommitteeSesi Katakam
CommitteeRashid Khan

CommitteePaul Lincoln

CommitteeChris Noon

CommitteeDavid Riley 
CommitteePaul Sarfaty
CommitteeArran Sutherland


Phil Vennard

Committee members whose names are shown in purple can be contacted by email.

Our email addresses are all of the format:

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Your Local Councillors

 Belmont David Hicks8770 4632
  Jane Pascoe8770 4617
  Neil Garratt
 Cheam Eric Allen8770 5780
  Tony Shields07951 056660


 Vanessa Udall

8770 6193

Their email addresses are all of the format:

See all Sutton Councillors.

Your Local MP

 Sutton & CheamPaul Scully
8642 3791

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