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This Forum is where you can raise any local issues that matter to you and see what issues have been raised by other members.  If you see an issue that you have also experienced, or that you have a solution to, then please add an entry.  We welcome the views of others to see if the issue is a common one.  This will be helpful for us when assisting our members with a resolution.  Click here to enter the 'Local Matters' Forum

Once in the Forum, click 'New Entry' to add a new entry, or 'Post Reply' to add a comment to an existing entry.

Issues can be of any sort, be they to do with transport, street cleaning or other environmental concerns.  The most common issue we are asked to assist with concerns planning and there is a dedicated planning section in this website that provides you with more information about this.

Please remember that we are a voluntary organisation and we can only suggest ways you can solve your problem or help bring pressure to bear on the relevant authority so that they will respond to your concerns.  We are not resourced to actually fix anything ourselves.

Before adding a comment to the Forum, please make sure that you have taken advantage of all the links on the Useful Links page first.  If you have found a novel solution to a specific problem, then please share this with others via the forum.  Issues with Sutton Council services can be registered online by clicking here.


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Forum Rules

All the forums on this site are run ’post moderated’, that is anyone can add any comment they wish and it will immediately be available for public view.  This makes the site more responsive.  However there are rules:

a)      please keep your comments relevant to the objectives of the forum

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Any comment that we find that breaks these rules will be deleted, although this may take a day or two.  If you notice an entry that breaks these rules before we do, then please email webmaster@bscra.com .

Remember also that a comment entered into any forum is available for public view.  Do not enter anything into a forum that you want to keep private, use email instead.

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